Mixbus Mixer Remote Layout for TouchOSC

transport_pane mixer selected sendsonfader master

This is a layout to use with TouchOSC MK-1 App. It is used to control Mixbus DAW remotely (WLAN,LAN,USB) via open sound control (OSC) protocol. It is designed for old ipad-sized tablets. My goal is to create a simple mixer interface and recording control that makes full use of Mixbus’ and TouchOSC’ possibilities. I want it to have as much overview and control functions as possible on one panel. On the other side controls like buttons, wheels and faders should not be too small. They should be easy and safe to hit.

The Mixbus Remote Layout consists of five panels mainly to control the mixer functionality of Harrison’s Mixbus. Transport panel, mixer overview, selected channel view, sends on fader pane and a master and monitor pane.


How to get it run

Caveats and Todos

I have tried to create a stable, reliable and working layout. But particularly unfortunate is the shaky support of the panorama setting (input channels does not get reliable feedback from Mixbus, but control panorama setting works) and the incomplete OSC implementation of the master and monitor busses. In addition, the handling of prefader sends has not yet been solved from my side. Bugs has been reported to Harrison, but so far they did not come back to me. Nevertheless chances are good that future releases solve some issues, because Mixbus builds upon Ardour and Ardour does not have, for example, the panorama problem.

The Panels

Transport Panel

Intuitively set range markers to mark a loop or a punch area, recording controls include count in and preroll recordings, jog wheel lets you easily relocate song position on the fly, keep track of your recording by managing position markers.

Transport Panel

Mixer Panel

8 channels view banked: per channel control of gain, input monitoring, volume control, rec enable, mute, solo, hide option and selection per channel. Every channel has a meter to estimate the volume. Master channel meter features a K-12 inspired and a DPM scale to get a decent volume.

Mixer Panel

Selected Channel

Detailed channel view of selected channel. Dynamic Control, Equalizer. Simple on/off control for set up plugins, viewport for selectable 32 channels, fader automation and bus routing.

Selected Ch Panel

Sends On Fader

SendsOnFader Panel

Master & Monitor

Master & Monitor Panel